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1. Landlord Tenant Law

John H. Weigel
Let's be clear. I am a tenants rights lawyer. I do not represent landlords. 

If you are facing eviction from your home or business, fighting with a disruptive and manipulative landlord, or wanting to sue for your landlord failing to follow the law then I can assist you.

Landlords hate lawyers because we make them follow the law.

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Landlord Tenant Law
"Justice for tenants in Texas is possible if you know the law and can force landlords obey it."
"Everyone is entitled to justice."
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Business Law
Houston Business Lawyer - John H. Weigel is a business lawyer headquartered in Houston, Texas. Providing legal counsel for today's business climate our clients include individuals, small to mid-size companies, and large business entities.

We focus on business law, including fighting Texas regulatory hearings for business with state issued licenses, real estate law, landlord and tenant issues,  and general corporate practice. We proudly serve the Houston area and look forward to helping your Texas business. We offer free consultations for each new client. 
"Large firm capabilities small firm feel with flat fee billing and other cost savings built in."
Home Owner Association Law
A good homeowners’ association (or condominium association) can play an important role in maintaining your property values and ensuring your quiet enjoyment of your property. A bad HOA can decrease the value of your home, force you to spend a lot of money, and turn your life upside down. Good HOAs are priceless; bad ones can be a nightmare for a homeowner. If you feel your rights are being violated by your HOA or a neighbor living in your HOA, John H. Weigel Attorney at Law can help.
"Home owners associations should serve their residents and obey the law."
Family Law
Are you contemplating divorce and don't know where to start? We offer free consultations and can assist you. Family law is complicated but with 25 years of experience in family law matters we are capable of assisting you through this difficult time and helping you take steps to make sure you and your family can move forward. 
"Divorce is complicated but we can assist you in taking steps to move forward."
Criminal Defense
Starting in law school John dedicated himself to juvenile justice cases and sought to defend the most vulnerable of our society that are often cast aside and considered "bad eggs" by school administrators and police officers. 

25 years of experience in adult criminal law from capital murder trials to speeding tickets John has represented clients and obtained shocking results for them through hard work and intuition. If you are seeking someone to fight for you or your loved one look no further.
"If you are seeking someone to fight for you or your loved one then look no further."
Driving Under the Influence and
ALR Hearing Defense
Facing a DUI and/or ALR hearing and need someone in your corner? You need an attorney that will fight for you and your rights. No matter the circumstances of your arrest John H. Weigel will make certain the arresting officer followed the law.

Free consultations for DUI and ALR defense clients.

"You are innocent until proven guilty."
Traffic Tickets 
Offering flat rates for traffic ticket defense. Unlike most other traffic ticket firms that charge you $50 each time the attorney appears in court we offer our clients a one time total fee.

Keep yourself out of court and don't miss work.

Save points on your license and increase fees on your drivers license.

CDL drivers keep points off your license.